Saturday 18 January 2014


How does a person change and become healthier?  Diet? Exercise? A gym membership?

The reality is that many diets, fitness programs and memberships wind up as an unrealized promise.  As so many New Year’s many resolutions around the world begin to wind down at end of January, I believe it’s important for personal trainers and others passionate about weight loss and fitness, to take a serious look at why so many fitness goals sputter when with the right coaching, they could be roaring like Ferraris!

We are a product of our habits.  Eventually, like water on stone (or little rocks;) - our habits will wear down even the most established intentions.  

So how do we form good fitness and eating habits?  Contrary to some theories, it takes more than 21 days to make them stick.  Forbes Magazine reported that for a new behaviour to take root, it must run through three phases:
  1.  The Honeymoon – I’m motivated, fired up and this feels easy.  I want this!  
  2. The Fight Thru – The old way was easier.  And easier feels better right now!
  3. Second Nature – I don’t see why this was so hard in the first place!
      As tough as it may seem, a lifestyle refreshed with healthy exercise and eating practices can become second nature.  It takes daily application of placing meaningful goals ahead of us and chasing after them to nourish our budding habits.  But in the process, a whole new person can begin to grow.

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