Friday, 18 July 2014

Just along for the ride!

Have you ever watched anyone working in their element and thought to yourself, wow that person is doing exactly what they were built for?

Jen is a police officer.  Her and I have been training together for the last few months.  While she’s lifting weights I get to hear her really cool stories about work the day before.  My jaw drops when I listen to all that happens in our city and think about what she puts herself through and the risks that she takes everyday to help us live in a safe place.

I want to make her stronger so she can wrestle bad guys more effectively.  It motivates me!

She surprised me one day when she invited me on a ride-along. I jumped at the opportunity but as the day came closer, it stirred up fears within me that made me almost back out.  I thought to myself…

“What happens if we pick up a murder and I have to sit in the back with him?”

“What if they didn’t pat him down enough and the guy pulls a gun out when we’re not looking?”

“What if Jen and her partner go into a house and the bad guys run out and steel the cop car with me in it?”

“What if they run a background check on me and find the skeletons in my closet?” 

Just kidding about the last one… sort of.

The scardy-cat in me wanted to back out, but the small voice within me behind all the chaos said if I did that, think about the potential awesome opportunity I would be missing out on…  How many other aspects of life can we apply that to?

Jen welcomed me all suited up in her bulletproof gear.  “Am I going to get one of those???”  I didn’t.  I wondered if I should be more or less scared.

From what I get to see of Jen she is sweet, considerate and radiantly beautiful in and out. She has a personality that makes you feel so welcome and so comfortable. It was cool to see her element, ready to take on the challenges most of us try our best to avoid.

They kept me safe through some high-speed driving – which was awesome! 

Riding with Jen and her partner gave me a glimpse into what they do for every single person in this city – they keep us protected.  I began to feel that they should be genuinely thanked for stepping out on the line for us everyday.

Thank you Jennifer and Tyler for an incredible experience I will never forget.

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