Saturday 15 February 2014

Be Yourself

All it takes is a walk down the magazine rack at the grocery store.  We throw food in the basket, wanting to make healthy choices, then we see the cover of a magazine - someone with a “perfect” body.

I think we’ve all felt the weight of comparing ourselves against someone else (someone with more money, better looking, thinner, more successful etc).  After listening to Andy Stanley this week, he pointed out that there is no “win” in comparison.  One of the things that can cause us run ourselves into the ground is trying to look good to the person next to us.  For some reason, we feel we need to be better, look better and achieve more so that we will experience a sense of wholeness and completion.

If we start down this path, we run the risk of holding our achievements against the milestones of others and therefore, judging them or ourselves. There is no end to this and no peace if we hold our fitness goals up to what we see other people doing. We have to run our own race, celebrating the success of others as we go.

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