Tuesday 25 February 2014

Boiling Down the Raw-Food Diet

Organic, raw-food diets have been a bit of a trend lately.  It might be tempting to dismiss this methodology of meal planning as a fad, but it warrants some consideration.

Cooking kills bacteria, however heat can also destroy nutrients and break up some of the enzymes that exist naturally in the food.  Vitamin B and C in particular, are potential victims.  From a nutritional standpoint, eating foods in their natural state can offer a better nutritional value.  A potential challenge is finding the right proteins, so you will need to balance your legumes out with the right kind of nuts, seeds and plant-based proteins if you decide to stay away from cooking meat altogether. 

Organic shopping and organic food preparation can require an extra investment in terms of time and money - but this really does have to be seen as an investment. There are potentially big rewards in terms of health and wellness if we are intentional about what we put into our bodies.

If nothing else, by choosing to eat more raw foods, you could save money on electricity :)

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