Monday 10 February 2014

Get-Up! Stand Up!

We sit a whole lot more often than we stand.  In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re probably reading this sitting down.  Maybe at work, or at a desk? 

Most jobs involve a lot of sitting and typing.  We have machines and technology running our errands, which makes life more convenient, but there are some health issues we need to consider.

As a whole, how are you feeling these days?  Tired?  Lethargic?  Stiff?  Older than your age?  If so, it’s probably because you are not using your body the way it was intended to be put to use.  We were made for movement!  So use it or lose it my friends.
This doesn’t mean it’s time to walk away from your desk and out of the office for good!  But let’s consider this - if we aren’t feeling 100% today - how are we going to feel 5 years from now?  10 years?

And this is how change happens.  One gesture… One moment at a time.”  - Libba Bray

What I suggest is – you add in some flavor to your day. Here are a couple suggestions:

  1. Buy a spa ball - use it as your chair.
  2. Go for a walk over lunch - listen to something fun and add a kick in your step!
  3. Stand up twice per hour.
  4. Get in 30 minutes of activity per day.
  5. Do 2-4 flights of stairs on your break.

 Ok, I’ve  spent too much time sitting down, writing this – I’ve got to go hit the trails or something!

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