Saturday 15 March 2014

Health in the Age of Video Games

Yesterday, I had the cool opportunity to visit a Junior High and talk about fitness to a gym full of students.  The engagement was great and everyone had a good time, but it made me think about how much we need teach the next generation some good habits for health.

Kids today have so many digital distractions: smartphones, video games, Internet etc.  Are the days of moving around outside and using imagination gone forever?  If not, we can at least say that the outdoors has some real competitors for our attention.

We can’t get rid of YouTube, iPhones or Xbox - technology is here to stay – and I’m as big a user of it as anybody.  So with a world full of technological convenience, why do some stay fit and others let their health fall by the wayside?

I think it comes down to education.  We need to teach the next generation why it’s important to move around, take some breaths of fresh air and eat more vegetables.  Convenience has become the enemy of health.  And when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we could all use a little discipline.

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