Monday 17 March 2014

The Four-leaf Smoothie

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day and my Irish heritage, I’m going to talk about a green nutritional trend that has been getting a lot of attention.  Green smoothies and juices are one way that people are choosing to take in their vegetables these days. And let’s be honest, as much as we may care about what we put into our bodies, it can be tough to creatively ingest several servings of broccoli, kale and spinach in one sitting.

 So here’s what my husband and I put in the blender many times during the week and share:

1)   A mitt-full of organic baby spinach

2)   A couple stems of organic baby kale

3)   A few stems of organic broccolette

4)   A few leaves of romaine

5)   2 mini cucumbers

6)   Half of an avocado

7)   2 organic bananas

8)   A spoonful of Greek yogurt

9)   A couple of blueberries

10)  Half a cup of orange juice

11)  Half a cup of almond milk

12)  Protein powder

13)  As much filtered water as needed for consistency

Any of these items can be substituted depending on what we feel like, or what’s in the fridge, but you get the idea.  Don’t be put off by the colour – it’s ‘magically delicious.’

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